About Me

Greetings! My title may not be completely clear in its meaning. I am a lady born and raised in Boston and the surrounding suburbs. I'm currently living in the city. I love farms, food, running in the city, and exploring new things.

Most of my jobs (pre and post college) have been on farms and school garden programs in and around Boston. I currently work in education(with middle school students), and work at a farmers market seasonally as well.Youth development and food are my two passions, and I look for all opportunities to incorporate them both into my life.

This blog is a way for me to document and share my eating, cooking, working, running, farming, and other random bits of life.After college, I developed a love for cooking. I have always adored eating and food, but my enjoyment of cooking is a new found interest.  I hope this blog can also document my successes and blunders in the kitchen.

I hope one day to have a bountiful backyard garden in the city that will make its way onto my plate each night. Or maybe live and work on a farm in Southern France.....We'll see what the future holds. I'm excited for the journey.

Enjoy reading!

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