Thursday, January 17, 2013

Smitten Adventures in the Kitchen

I'm sure there are lots of Smitten Kitchen fans out there. I sure am! For Hannukah I got her new cookbook, and finally got a chance to crack it open these past few weeks.

Just looking through the cookbook was so enjoyable. The beautiful photos make my mouth water. I tagged at least 15 things I want to make out of there already. I love the tips she gives as well for each recipe, including how to prep ahead of time or store.

So, my first recipe was Mushroom Bourguignon. I had Beef Bourguignon. over vacation when my sister made Julia's version, but this looked intriguing. Lighter without the beef, but had the same flavor profiles. And because mushrooms have a dense, meaty texture, they were perfect as the vegetarian alternative. While, not really vegetarian, because you cook it with beef broth. But definitely lighter.

A little cookbook propping. 

Sorry for the bad lighting! Doesn't look so lovely in the pot, but tastes so good!

It was a hit! And was better the next day as it got thicker. It was so rich and flavorful without feeling heavy. We had it just on top of a few thin sliced roasted potatoes.  Next time I want to do egg noodles as the base like she suggests in the cookbook.

My next attempt was gnocchi. IT was a fail and therefore there are no pictures. Not because of her recipe, but some mistakes I made. I'm going to attempt again and blog about it. The mistakes were on my part and not following the recipe as closely as I should have.

Well, it's nothing some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies can't fix!

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