Saturday, July 28, 2012

Workin' the Market

First, don't make that crisp. It wasn't bad per say, but I can do better. I"m working on it.

This morning, I got up at a nice 6:50am Saturday wake up time. No good. I like sleep.

But, it was for a good reason. I have worked at a farm for the past 8 years. I worked in their farm stand/store every summer during high school and college. Since then I haven't been able to get away and work once and awhile when they need help in the Summer/Fall on weekends.  They now also have a stand at a local farmer's market, so I work there every few weeks. Not only is it some extra money and free produce, but it makes me so happy. Exhausting and hot, but I'm a strange lady and farmer's markets just make me oh so happy, even with an early weekend wake up. My love of farms/food really developed during my years at this job.

 It's hard to decide what to take when I work at the market. It's a balance of what I want and what I will actually be able to cook/use this week. I want it all, but must be a little reasonable.

My bag contained:

Beans: green and wax beans
Fruit: Peento peaches(heirloom donut peach), plums, and nectarines
Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes (BEST!!!)

Most of the vegetables will be used in salads and to munch and dip in hummus. But, I have some plans for the produce. Tonight I made a salad full of my purchases.
All from Market:
Red Cabbage
Green Beans
Shredded Golden Beets
Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes
Cucumbers (Pickling)
Magda Cousa Summer Squash
Spring Onions

Green Beans: Spicy pickled beans...a.ka. mean beans. Will post recipe when I make them. SO GOOD AND EASY!
Zucchini: Possible Ratatouille in the making.
Kale: Morning Green Smoothie...will post recipe tomorrow.

 I hope to get some cooking projects done tomorrow. For now, it's time for bed.

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